I need your opinion

Now that I´ve found new motivation to keep blogging, I would like my followers feedback on what topics you like to see more of on this blog. Please check out my poll here on TDK to give your response or comment, thanks!

Photo courtesy of Decorialab.com.


Has it been this long?

I´ve been wondering what to do with this blog for a while, but I didn´t realize how long its actually been since my last post. I have never stopped knitting and creating my own clothes, its just that in some periods it is hard to find the motivation to blog about it.

But I think I´ll give it another go, although the overall topic of this blog might evolve over the coming months, more on that later. But now, I´m feeling inspired to knit myself a multi colored or mixed yarn cardigan, so I need to run to the yarn-shop. 

What are you working on?



I have to agree with Studded Hearts that this is a cute & at the same time edgy ensemble. Now I have to knit something in creamy shades.



Australian label Lover had many 2die4 pieces in their FW13 collection, and this cute little braided sweater was no exeption. And so easy to make yourself!




Do you ever get a sudden irresistible urge to knit yourself a beanie?
I´m having one right now! It´s time to stop stealing my boyfriends beanie and knit one for myself, and I´m thinking a vibrant color.

But - you never know what I will be walking out of the yarn-shop with..
neon lime green hat- street style black boyfriend blazer- cutoff denim shorts
beanie3 beanie2


The Daily Knit 150113


I had to post this great street style shot from Stockholm, how could i not give this sweater a big thumbs up?


New creation: Pixel Ikat

I have been busy with knitting, but as usual not so good with posting photos of my work. So here is my latest. It´s made from Alpacca Yarn, and I created the pattern myself from different Ikat patterns I googled.

I wanted a traditional "inca-style" look, but with a modern twist. The colors are grey, orange, green, black and beige.


Iceberg FW12

The Christmas holiday is getting closer, with lazy days in front of the roaring fire. But have you decided what to knit yet?

Might I suggest something inspired by Icebergs latest winter collection? Those Ikat prints are easier than you think, knit with a hairy mohair type yarn, and you will get the same cool effect.

This collection is so cozy and edgy at the same time, and reminds me why I love knitwear so much.


So, run to your nearest knitting shop and buy that yarn. I promise you, if you can knit, you can also knit without a pre-made pattern. And you will be all the more pleased with your creation, because it is unique and personal. Just try. :)


Sweater Inspo

sartorialist at kenzo in paris


Two cool chicks with cool sweaters. And my name starts with a K, so that Kenzo sweater is definitely calling for me.


The Daily Knit 051012


This sweater from Massimo Dutti is great - I love the combination of the color, hole-technique and braid. Copy-alert.